Focus On The Family Dumps A Heartbroken Wells Fag-o


The Human Rights Campaign released a long list of companies that support the LGBT community. Included on the list is Wells “moneybags” Fargo which was stamped with a perfect student score of 100%. Not good news for Focus on The Family who has been entrusting the bank with their WASPy cash for years. They’re now treating the bank the same way they’d treat their own gay child: kick them out of the house.

“Focus on the Family has elected to end its banking relationship with Wells Fargo, motivated primarily by the bank’s ongoing efforts to advance the radical homosexual agenda. These efforts are in direct opposition to the underlying principles and purpose of Focus, and thus a decision of conscience had to be made, and a stand taken.

“Radical homosexual agenda?” And here we naively thought Wells Fargo was simply being tolerant and giving.