It's The Same As Before, Sort Of...

Frank Speaks Out On ENDA Edit

Openly gay Representative Barney Frank contests Lambda Legal’s assertion that the new and incapacitated ENDA doesn’t fully protect the gays:

The sexual orientation language in H.R. 3685 is the same language that has been in every version of ENDA since its first introduction in 1994. There is nothing in case law or in ENDA’s history to indicate that absent gender identity coverage, the bill would inadequately protect gay, lesbian and bisexual people from discrimination.

No words have been added or subtracted that make it easier to fire a gay man because of some effort to transform homophobia into dislike of effeminacy and I believe the law continues to be a strong bulwark against that.

As for religious exemptions, Frank insists he and his political peers always intended on expanding their breadth.