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‘Funny Girl’ hits the road with an extra-thirsty Nicky Arnstein

Katerina McCrimmon and Stephen Mark Lukas in the national tour of Funny Girl.
Katerina McCrimmon and Stephen Mark Lukas in the national tour of “Funny Girl.” Screenshot: YouTube

First, there was Beanie, and we all know how that went.

Then stand-by and relative unknown Julie Benko stepped into the role of Fanny Brice in the highly-anticipated revival of Funny Girl, and in true Barbra fashion, a star was born.

But the Broadway buzz was deafening as fans and agents clamored to predict who would step into that famous stole full-time. (Queerty had our shortlist, too.) Lea Michele broke box office records at the August Wilson Theatre, resurrecting the revival and re-living her full Glee fantasy life. The musical now hits the road on a national tour, and Queerty has a first look.

Katerina McCrimmon (she/her/they) headlines the cast, with a packed schedule booked through August 2024 and dates from coast to coast. Early reviews have been positive, with one critic calling McCrimmon “a phenomenal Fanny—quirky, adorable, quick, clever, ambitious, and utterly romantic all at once.” 

McCrimmon made her Broadway debut in the revival of The Rose Tattoo starring Marisa Tomei, but her vocal prowess truly shines singing Funny Girl’s famous score, featuring music by Jule Stein and lyrics by Bob Merrill.

Based on the life of Broadway star Fanny Brice, the musical’s occasionally clunky book focuses heavily on her tumultuous relationship with gambler Nick Arnstein. It’s not hard to imagine how Fanny could fall madly in love with strapping actor Stephen Mark Lukas in the role. Lukas, who’s been happily married to actor-turned-real estate broker Brian Letendre for nine years, is a tall drink of water that leaves us thirsty. As a bonus, the tour also features Grammy winner Melissa Manchester (“You Should Hear How She Talks About You”) as Fanny’s mother.  

Featuring belty ballads like “People” and show-stoppers like “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” Funny Girl is a marathon for its leading lady, but from the looks of it, McCrimmon has her running shoes on.

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