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This gay bathhouse wants ‘NoMoreC’ in Amsterdam

Ivo Mittelmeijer (Sauna NZ), Ejay de Wit (NoMoreC campaign) and blogger Mark S. King are joined by some of the men of Sauna NZ in Amsterdam.

When passed as a sexually transmitted infection, Hepatitis C occurs primarily in gay men. That’s all that Amsterdam gay health activists needed to know before they brought local businesses and sex venues together to begin creating a plan to wipe out new Hep C infections in their community.

The “NoMoreC” campaign is sponsored in part by Sauna NZ, Amsterdam’s gay bathhouse, so it seemed only appropriate that Queerty contributor Mark S. King (My Fabulous Disease) spend some time there to discuss the campaign with the sauna manager and some of the campaign’s supporters. It’s the latest in his series of video reports from AIDS2018, the international AIDS conference which just concluded.

Wait a minute. You mean King is filing another sexually-themed video report from AIDS2018? You betcha!

And you’re welcome.

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