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These gay Christmas sweaters are so damn ugly we want them all

‘Tis the season to don your gay apparel like you mean it. Whether you’re heading to a family affair, a get together with friends, or you’re just looking to get cute and cuddle up at home with your partner or yourself and a cup of eggnog or hot chocolate, these ugly Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts will do you right…

Have a gay ol’ time sweater

This one is actually pretty cute, but still fits in the ugly Christmas sweater category. It’s a good option if you want to match an ugly sweater party theme while also looking adorable. 

Don we now our gay apparel sweater

Now THIS is a truly ugly Christmas sweater. It’s garish in all the right ways, and just might burn your retinas if you stare at it for too long. 

Divine Christmas sweater

There was nothing subtle about drag legend Divine, and, fittingly, there’s nothing subtle about this ugly Divine Christmas sweater. We couldn’t want this one more if it came with matching cha cha boots.

Trans Pride Christmas sweatshirt

For our trans siblings and allies, this trans Pride sweatshirt is also pretty darn cute, but thanks to being anything but subtle deserves a spot on our list. Plus, we just don’t see enough trans-themed Christmas trees out there, do we?

Happy Holigays sweatshirt

Now we’re back solidly in ugly territory, with this “Happy Holigays” sweatshirt. It’s here, it’s queer, it’s festive, and it’s not going back in the closet. At least not until the season ends, and you better believe it’ll be returning next year.

Reindeer climax sweater

In case your aunts and uncles didn’t get the memo that being gay is natural, you can send the maybe not-so-subtle message that sometimes animals (and nephews!) are gay with this climactic Christmas sweater.

Gay uncle sweatshirt 

If you’re that one gay uncle in the family everyone is always so concerned with, you can own it with this sweatshirt that acknowledges the fact that everyone is so obsessed with you.

Nobody knows Santa is gay sweater

Santa is gay. Deal with it. (And check out that eye shadow, he’s feeling himself.)

Santa’s gay elves sweater

So are the elves.

Hung Santa sweater

And finally… Apparently the stockings weren’t the only thing hung by the fireplace.