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Gay dad who split from husband for daughter’s boyfriend reveals they’re planning to have kids


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The complicated lives of the Drewitt-Barlows has taken another twist. The wealthy gay dads rose to fame when they became the first same-sex couple in the UK to be legally recognized as joint parents 20 years ago.

The two men became dads to twins through the use of a surrogate in the US. Commercial surrogacy is not allowed in the UK. The men have since gone on to father three more kids. They relocated to a mansion in Tampa, Florida, in 2017.

The men, with a combined wealth of over $45million, and their kids have been featured on TV documentaries and have often commented on news shows on matters relating to surrogacy.

However, last week it was revealed that one of the dads, Barrie, 50, had decided to split with husband, Tony, 55, after falling head over heels for the ex-boyfriend of his 19-year-old daughter, Saffron. The two men had been together for 32 years.

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Besides dating Saffron, the younger man, Scott Hutchison, 25, was Barrie’s personal assistant for seven years. He is bisexual and says he never actually had a sexual relationship with Saffron.


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Barrie says that his relationship with husband Tony became more platonic around 2006 when Tony began undergoing gruelling treatment for cancer. He is currently in remission.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about his new relationship, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow says he is still living in the same house as his former partner and kids – along with Hutchinson. He says all involved are accepting of the change in circumstances.

“I don’t want there to be any secrets and I want to get any negativity out of the way before our babies arrive,” confided Barrie.

“Yes, it is unorthodox, but we are a loving family and our priority is to have a stable home for our kids and what is now an extended family.

“It works for us – and if people are shocked, well that’s their problem, not ours.”

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He says that although he wasn’t planning to become a father again, Hutchinson is keen to enjoy parenthood. Having made part of their fortune from running their own surrogacy advisory service, Barrie thought: why not?

“Scott has always wanted to have a child of his own so I said if he wanted us to be parents together, I would support him in that and have a baby with him.”

They now plan to use their sperm to fertilize an egg each. They will take advantage of sex-selection procedures, “in the hope that we could try for daughters – princesses to spoil.”


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He says former partner Tony [pictured with the above] has given them his blessing and even agreed to be godfather to the children when they arrive.

“I wanted to make sure that Tony was going to be ok with it, especially as he is seriously ill and in need of constant care and attention himself.”