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Gay man’s 90-day quarantine transformation goes viral and prompts debate

Greg Bloomer
Greg Bloomer (Photo: Twitter)

A gay man has seen a tweet he posted go viral this week. Greg Bloomer, a real estate agent in Chicago, has spent the past 90 days on a health drive.

While some of us have let our gym routines slide during the COVID-19 pandemic, some have thrown themselves into home workouts and taking extra time to prepare nutritious meals.

Besides demonstrating some impressive weight loss (approximately 50 lbs in 90 days), Bloomer’s tweet revealed he has a complicated relationship with his looks – something that struck a chord with many other gay men.

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“I hesitated posting this because I’m still not totally comfortable in my own skin,” he said on the tweet. “I know my body is far from what we are taught we should look like, especially in the gay community, BUT today marks 90 days since I decided to start getting healthy and I’m proud, so idgaf.”

At the time of writing, the tweet has had over 22k likes and over a thousand comments.

Many wanted to applaud him on his dedication and tell him he looked hot – in both the before and after photos.

Some men shared their own transformation images.

Others agreed that there was a pressure to live up to certain ideals in the eyes of other gay men.

“It’s so sad yet so true that we’re constantly reminded, specially in the gay community, of what the body standards are,” said @exzelarturo. “It saddens me to see how many of us are constantly bombarded by negative message towards or body and making us feel insecure of our own skin.”

Others said that there’s a place for all body types on the gay scene, but if Bloomer’s changes had made him happier, they were worth it.

Bloomer, 29, told Queerty he was, “definitely surprised at the overwhelming amount of likes and support on my tweet. I posted it because I felt proud of myself for finally seeing progress and doing something that is very difficult. Dieting and working out consistently is no easy feat.

“If me posting those pictures and that tweet resonated with anybody else who is struggling, or inspired anybody else to make a change in their life, or started a conversation about beauty standards in the community, it was well worth it,” he continued. “And I’m not going to lie, the attention and validation has been very flattering and enjoyable. Who doesn’t like some positive attention?”

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Bloomer says his real estate work “was pretty shut down” at the start of quarantine, leaving him alone and doing very little in the way of healthy activities.

“I had gained about 10 pounds in the first 6 weeks of lockdown and knew that if I didn’t change something I was going to come out of this way heavier, unhealthier, and unhappier than ever.

“Combined with the fact that weight was the second biggest factor in terms of how bad COVID affected you, it scared me into wanting to make a change.”

As he’s not a nutritionist or doctor, Bloomer is wary of telling others what to do if they wish to lose weight or tone up. However, he says, “I guess my advice would be that you should only worry about what makes you happy. Don’t change yourself for somebody else.

“I was unhappy with the way I looked, and knew that I wanted to make a change. I made a radical change to my lifestyle. I have been doing a keto [low-carb] diet and doing 45+ minutes of cardio 5+ days a week for 3 months now. Seeing the results is very motivating for me, and that is what keeps me going.”


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