Would-Be Politico Fabricates Sex Scandal To Bring Down Rival

Gay-On-Gay Smearing

If this had come from the right wing–and it probably will now–that would have been one thing. But to come from another gay man is something more hurtful. It plays into the worst, deep-seeded fears society has about gay men: You can’t trust them with your young.*

Sam Adams to Portland Mercury.

Fuck. It’s one thing to hear about Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera stirring up a gay panic, but it’s pretty startling hear about gay-on-gay smearing. An Portland real estate developer named Bob Ball told City Commissioner Randy Leonard that in 2005 City Commissioner Sam Adams (pictured), who may be running for mayor, had a relationship with a then 17-year old, Beau Breedlove. Why? Because Ball had snake eyes on a political prize. And, apparently, wanted Adams out of the way.

After Ball told Leonard, Leonard approached Adams, who vehemently denied the charges. Here’s the story: Adams and Breedlove met through a political connection and Adams helped Breedlove come out. A friendship formed. Nothing happened and that’s that. Leonard believed Adams over Ball. He also told Ball to keep a lid on it.

Apparently Ball’s a blabber-mouth – or just plain mean – because he continued spreading the rumor. Adams and Breedlove both denied the story. When pressed by The Oregonian, Ball denied saying anything and then called Leonard to ask if he had talked to the paper.

Since being revealed as a sneak, Ball’s gone mum. City Commissioner Leonard, however, had this to say:

As long as I’ve been doing this stuff, and keep in mind that I started in union politics, I’ve never felt so dirty. I’ve told Bob, ‘You’re not running for mayor. You’re not running for City Council.

You’re done.

Bitch is fried.