Gay Photographer Has Priorities Straight

Homo-photog Eric Schwabel sure has grown up.

The Minnesota native got his start shooting for flesh-heavy fag-rag, Blue. Since then – and a move to California from New York – Schwabel has opened his own studio and gone on to shoot for MTV, Pepsi, DUB and Rockstar. He may be on the verge of art stardom, but Schwabel’s just as grounded – and gay – as ever.

Consider this snippet from his interview with Mamba Online‘s Addison Kellaway in which the boys chat about Schwabel’s work for Playgirl:

AK: So what was it like shooting for Playgirl? Is there a luxurious Playgirl mansion with white peacocks, boy bunnies and grottos?

ES: Playgirl started off being pretty damn fun. I was just shooting my friends or guys I’d find online, shots really similar to what I was doing for Blue magazine at the time, more “artsy fartsy.” I can assure you there is no Playgirl mansion� The closest thing to the Playgirl mansion is my house around midnight�

AK: Wow, shameless even in print.

ES: Haha yes, enchanted is the word I would use. There was a porn star sleeping over here last night, isn’t that interesting? Not in my bed, mind you. My home is like a halfway house for porn stars. I gotta say, the porn stars are good people.

Wise words from a talented young man.

Schwabel also chats with Kellaway about his forthcoming book, a sexy shoot with some hot athletes and why he’ll never give up on the fag-rags. Read all about it over at Mamba Online.