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Gay plus-size model Michael McCauley apologizes for racist posts, but not everyone is happy with it

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Gay plus-size model Michael McCauley is finally addressing those racist social media posts of his that resurfaced on Twitter just as he was being profiled in Abercrombie & Fitch’s new ad campaign about inclusiveness.

Quick backstory: Queerty ran an interview with McCauley last weekend, during which he touted the importance of diverse representation. Shortly after the interview published, a number of racist social media posts written by McCauley began recirculating on social media.

In one of the posts, McCauley blasted members of Black Lives Matter, calling them “a group of extremists.” In another, he bemoaned the activist group for blocking the streets and making him late for a meeting. And in another, he took aim at Jada Pinkett Smith for her stance on #OscarsSoWhite then complained that the Grammys don’t nominate enough white artists.

Queerty reached out to McCauley for a comment, but he never responded. Then yesterday, he took to Twitter to address the controversy.

“I want to address the comments that were recently brought to light from several years ago,” he wrote. “They were not intended to be hurtful. I realize how insensitive they are and I’m sorry for the harm they’ve cause. Thank you.”

He also shared the post on Instagram, though he deactivated the comments.

Not very many people have been impressed with McCauley’s apology, however.

Queerty still hasn’t heard back from McCauley since we reached out earlier this week. So, Michael, if you’re reading, we’d love to hear from you.

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Update: McCauley posted a video addressing the comments on Instagram —