Gay Soldier Would Take A Straightness Pill, If He Could

Randy Phillips, the gay Air Force servicemember who posted his coming out to his mom, dad and the pizza man on YouTube has run out of people to come out to. So these days he spends his time thinking about how he would totally take a pill to make him straight if such he could.

He raises the old argument of “Why would someone choose to make life harder on themselves by being gay?” It’s not like he’s the only one who’s considered this: How many of us wished at some point we could be heterosexual? A lot, we assume, judging by the number of ex-gay therapists and sham marriages. And given that Phillips has spent a number of years in the military closet, we can imagine his anxiety is even more profound than most.

Of course Phillips riff on the “straight pill” is just a small moment in a larger video. We also learn that when he attended middle school in Alabama, he thought poorly of people who wore ear gauges, had purple hair, listened to scream-mo or were vegetarians.

Then he woke up one day, realized he was acting like a judgmental little queen and decided ‘If I judge others so harshly, what chance is there for others to accept me?’

His rule: as long as you’re not lying, stealing or hurting somebody, your differences shouldn’t be judged.

Does that means we can still hate the guys from The A-List Dallas?