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Gay Somalians Fed Rotten Threats

The attention starved gay Somalians aren’t getting much love from their countrymen. Andrew Price, who developed Somali Gay Community offers some of the virtual hate. Preemptive [sic]:

The international Somali community is up in arms and the forums, weblogs, and sites dedicated to Somali news are awash with hate writers.

I mean really vile stuff.

One individual calls for them to be “hunted down in the street and stoned like dogs” while another said, “Allah will punish them”, another, “It’s a western illness”, and yet another, “motherfocker if i ever see you on the street, am gonna chop you to pieces then feed ur crap to dogs” – this last one from a Muslim woman.

Gross! No wonder Somalia’s tourism industry’s in the toilet. Well, that and war, famine and economic instability.