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Gay teen asks BFF’s mom if he can attend her daughter’s slumber party and her response is priceless

Teenage boy sending a text message

All Mason Barclay wanted was to sleepover at his best friend Houston Shelton’s house, but her mom had a strict “no boys allowed” rule when it came to slumber parties.

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Being an assertive young man, Mason decided to text Mrs. Shelton and see if she might make an exception. He wrote:

Hey Mrs Shelton!

This is Mason Brian Barclay, I am one of Houston’s new best friends. If she had people over on Friday, would I, a very homosexual male, be able to take part in the sleepover?

I think the common meaning behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex, when in this case, I do not like the opposite sex.

Thank you for your time and consideration, have a great night.

He ended the text with a friendly “Amen” then awaited Mrs. Shelton’s response.

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A few minutes later she replied:

Hmm. Well, my husband is hot. Should I worry?

We assume that means she gave permission?

Mason posted the text exchange to Twitter on Monday where it received over 500 likes and 60 retweets.

“I think I’m in love with her mom,” one Twitter user comments.

Another replied: “I don’t know what exactly is going on here but I’m lol’ing.”

Sometimes all you gotta do is ask, right?

Check out the text below:

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  • ChrisK

    A better question is why is she worrying about her husband potentially banging a young teen boy.

    • eddiesocket

      An even better question is how did you manage to dress and feed yoursel this morning, what with your low single digit IQ?

    • Charlie in Charge

      That is not a better question.

    • ChrisK

      Ha. You must love me so much Danny. I mean Eddie.

    • DarkZephyr

      She was joking…

    • Jack Meoff

      That was a cute story but you managed to suck the fun right out of that. Well done.

  • Josh447

    Haha very funny response. Mom has a sense of humor.

  • Kieran

    Since you “don’t like” girls, why not have your own slumber party and invite some boys over?

    • Juanjo

      That’s what I would have done.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      That the Saturday “camping” trip.

  • osiriszuberi

    She is too cool for words.

  • eddiesocket

    150 unread texts, and 7% battery?! My OCD is kicking in hard!


    But I keep reading from intelligent, self-aware, proud Kinsey Sixers how they once had sex with women and enjoyed it without any difficulties because, “hey, y’know, it’s just sex, and sex is pleasurable, and this means nothing, and certainly not that I’m *gasp* bisexual or anything other than a 100% proud homosexual!” So no mom, I wouldn’t risk it unless you’re prepared for the whole diaper routine again!!!

    • alfred

      come on mate. Comparing apples with oranges. We all know flaming ‘Kinsey sixes’ that would literally pass out at the sight of female genitalia. If a kid at SCHOOL is texting some parent this then he is assuredly ok with his complete gayness. Doesn’t negate the fact that other what you would call ‘Kinsey sixes’ (your terms, I believe kinsey was a highly flawed person and his ‘research’ pretty crap) who weren’t always comfortable being that ‘gay’ do have sex with women at some point in their ‘growing-up’ phase.


      If I had a young hormonal daughter I wouldn’t take the chance. And that goes for sleepovers with “lady dick” owners too

  • MaxTaste

    Sleepovers are hell. Way too many kids at once.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      And little sleep.

  • Danny595

    It’s really sad that this kid’s best friend is a girl and that he wants to have sleepovers with girls. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of his friends are girls. That’s the sad life of an effeminate male. Rejected by his male peers, he becomes light entertainment for females. He should man up and start living life like a man, not a girl adjunct.

    • Phillip

      “Man up?” Really? Some feminine boys at that age are rejected by the other boys and adults for that very reason; they’re feminine by nature and the other “macho” boys with whom YOU would rather associate wouldn’t be caught dead around him and them. They would be worried other boys their age would assume something was “funny” with them as well. At least that’s the way it was when I was young.

      There were a few of us who were comfortable enough in our own masculine skins to have friends who were feminine acting and one turned out to be straight and the other, gay. I am gay, played all sorts of sports, was in the choir, band acting club and anything else I could get into. No one bothered me about my friends or questioned my orientation. It wasn’t safe to be out, though. Being gay was still considered to be a mental disease and the “sexual act” was against the law. Not until 1973 or ’74 was it taken off the medical code books as a disease and much later, off the law books as everyone knows. Marriage has taken us many years later to achieve.

      You still seem to be in that Neanderthal stage of “man-ing up” and anyone who cannot pretend to be butch is a failure. No, you’re just locked into a tight fitting box of playing pretend that needs to be opened. Free your thoughts.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Danny, dear, go eat an not ripe lemon.

    • ShowMeGuy

      Are you some weirdo who’s been peeping in that kid’s bedroom window in order to know that he is *effeminate*?
      You dirty old pervert.

    • Danny595

      Philip – Um, hell yeah the other boys reject him. That’s why he needs to get serious about dealing with the problem. I don’t know if he was born effeminate or if he learned it, but even if he was born with it, so what? We are all born with shortcomings and deficiencies and you overcome that through effort. If he was clumsy or had a bad singing voice or picked his nose, he could train himself to be more coordinated or sing better or not pick his nose. This is the same. He’s got a manhood deficit, so he needs to work on it. Instead, he just wallows in his failure, becoming the sleepover entertainment for girls. Btw, this has nothing to do with his being gay. This is about being a man, not about sexual orientation. If he was straight and had no male friends and hung out with girl bffs it would be just as pathetic.

    • Lookyloo

      The guy is in middle or high school and he’s openly out.
      That’s totally ‘manning up’ in my book.

      The same, I bet, can’t be said for the 5-10% of the ‘manly’ yet gay guys at his school who hide in the closet.

      Try to remember, Danny595, not every young gay guy is a macho closet case like you were in your youth. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • DCguy

      Hey Danny, you were on the other post being so happy because since a gay couple won the Amazing Race now straight people would know that all gay guys aren’t “Marys”

      Maybe you would have a much ore stress free life if you stopped worrying who this kid’s best friend was, or where he wanted to have sleepovers. Ask yourself how, who his best friend is, in anyway impacts your life or your happiness and why you are so worried about it.

    • captainburrito

      He has nothing to prove on your behalf. It’s you who has the problem.

  • He BGB

    I’m glad the world is changing and progressing enough that he can 1) be out and proud, 2) get to hang out with his girlfriends at a slumber party 3) be cool that the mom can have a humorous moment without having a nervous breakdown. Just be accepted! Hallelujah!

  • njzdmyz

    Is nobody concerned about his phone being at 7%?! Kids are so irresponsible now a days LOL

  • Corey

    “He needs to make male friends” is the weakest response for a gay male having female friends and being feminine I’ve ever heard.

  • spiffy

    So… Just how hot is the husband? Asking for a friend.

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