Gay Viruses, Trans-Rockers, and Ghost Lovers: 5 Q! Films The Islamic Protesters Don’t Want You To See

Y Buddy Claudia (My Buddy Claudia)

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: For over 30-years São Paulo performer, hairdresser, makeup artist, singer, songwriter, author, and transgender icon Claudia Wonder stood at the forefront of Brazil’s alt-rock scene and battle for LGBT rights. This high energy documentary covers Wonder’s exploits such as taunting police for busting fags instead of armed thieves, speaking on behalf of a sex workers’ union, baring her breasts in a straight men’s magazine, and bathing in blood as Madame Satan in a Myth de Vomito performance with her electroclash band.

WHO’S THE DIRECTOR: 35-year old Brazilian director Dacio Pinheiro worked as a programmer at HBO-Brazil while also directing music videos and short films. His works have shown at queer film festivals around the world including Outfest in LA, the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Out Takes New Zealand, and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. You can check out some of his work at his YouTube channel.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Who doesn’t want an avant-garde alt-rocker as a transgender role model? As a well-known national icon who broke somewhat out of the queer ghetto, Wonder provides an model of how to mix art, politics and social justice. Also the director’s hyper-stylized multimedia editing reveals a unique approach to modern biography especially in an age where everyone has video, audio, and writing about them circling the globe.