Um, Okay...

Gays Rally For Kylie Statue

Do Britain’s bent boys have too much time on their hands? It would seem that way.

A group of gays are rallying to erect a number of gay icons on queer-friendly Old Compton Street, starting with a bronze Kylie Minogue.

Said one campaigner: “The Eros statue should be in Old Compton Street, not Piccadilly Circus. But we’re having our very own little goddess of love, in the form of Kylie.”

The boys are planning other homo monuments, but say they wanted to start with Kylie because she’s their favorite: “Kylie is our favorite gay icon, so her statue will be erected first. The other names are being held under wraps at the moment.”

Alright, this is sort of cute, but does Kylie Minogue really, truly need to be bronzed for a gay neighborhood? What about Larry Kramer or Harry Hay or someone who, you know, is gay?!