Gays TXT for Safe Sex

In other technologically minded news, New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s Gay Men’s Health launched a new safe text messaging service through which butt boys off all ages can get some advice on safe sex. In addition to finding health clinics and ordering free condoms, gents can type in queer queries and have answers beamed directly to their phones. Of the servuce, Gay Men’s Health representative Douglas Jenkin says:

Other services of this type launched overseas have been automated, but ‘Safe Sex Txt’ allows for free form questions. This is also the first service of this type specifically for gay and bisexual men, who are the highest risk group for HIV transmission in New Zealand…’Safe Sex Text’ will mean that gay and bisexual men won’t need to be accessing a computer to get timely advice about safe sex and sexual health.

It’s perfect for the homo ho on the go. LOL.