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George Alan Rekers’ Anti-Gay Agenda Earned Him Only Slightly Less Cash Than You’re Paying Obama

The anti-gay john George Alan Rekers wasn’t just paid to testify in Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s war on gay adoption, for which he earned $120,000. He was, Frank Rich relays, “also an expert witness in a similar court case in Arkansas in 2004. That anti-gay-adoption law was also ruled unconstitutional. (His bill there was $200,000, but he settled for $60,000.) In 1998 Rekers was hired as an expert witness by the Boy Scouts to uphold its gay ban in a case before the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission. And then there’s Rekers’s cameo in the current Proposition 8 trial in California: one of his homophobic screeds can be found in the bibliography for the ‘expert report’ by David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values, the star witness for the anti-same-sex-marriage forces.”

For all this talk about stimulating the economy, surely we can all agree that using taxpayer dollars to fund prejudice is a win-win for everyone!