George Alan Rekers, The Author Returns

Personally, I think it’s great that George Alan Rekers’ book Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Identity is once again popping up on Amazon — because it shows us Amazon is finally over its hang up about selling queer lit.

Not surprisingly, customers who bought Shaping also bought Alan Chambers’ Leaving Homosexuality: A Practical Guide for Men and Women Looking for a Way Out.

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  • Nick

    Such a creepy title

  • rf

    Creepy title? what about dad’s crotch in the kids face?

  • Cam

    Once again, just goes to prove that anybody of these anti-gay folks who seem creepily obsessed with us are just self hating closet cases.

    And don’t get me started on the photo on the cover of that book. That looks like a scene from Law and Order SVU right before a white van with blacked out windows pulls up and the kid is thrown in. I would be interested to hear from the child REkers “Adopted”. I have a feeling there will be more allegations against him soon enough.

  • jeffrey

    Who and what shaped George Rekers sexual identity? How has this luggage-impaired, boy-adopting, rentboy-hiring “professional” been allowed to do therapy with children?

    Reker’s “therapy” for “effeminate” boys involved the parents spanking the kid & using tokens to reward “masculine” behavior & punish “feminine” behavior. One of his most celebrated cases turned into an attempter of suicide. Any parent who allowed their male child within spitting distance of Rekers for this therapy should seriously wonder why they allowed a closeted gay man to provide such abusive treatment, and question if Rekers should be sued for malpractice, fraud, and child abuse.

    “Physician heal thyself” before treating others!

    I don’t believe in banning books, but hjs books should be moved from the non-fiction room of the library to the section that houses “HISTORY” or “FICTION.”

  • Andy

    @jeffrey: And what about gays who aren’t effeminate? These people don’t think too much.

  • B

    Actually, the picture on the cover of the book is a good choice. While the attempt to “mold” their offsprings’ sexual orientations may fail (usually when it “works” the parents guessed wrong and tried to turn a straight kid straight), at least they’ll get something when they fail.

    The wood will get chopped, saving the parents a lot of work.

  • Terry Dock

    The cover picture looks strangely gay to me. Well, if you replace the kids with older guys. There’s a porn film waiting in there somewhere…

  • Devon

    Wait 15 years, put some cowboy hats on them, and you’ve got a scene right out of Brokeback Mountain.

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