George Alan Rekers Was Ready to Give Jo-Vanni Roman 5 Stars on Yelp

Before the shit hit the fan, George Alan Rekers was taking calls from reporters, like the Miami New Times‘ Brandon K. Thorp. At the time it appears Rekers had no idea how this was all going to end for him, which is a shame because Jo-Vanni Roman could’ve really used some great feedback.

In acknowledging he used Roman’s services, Rekers says, “He was advertising himself as a travel companion, as I cannot lift luggage. … And he was very good as a travel companion. He did carry my luggage and that sort of thing.”

Listen to the phone call between Rekers and Thorp here:

And for what it’s worth, when someone uses The Google and searches for “travel companion,” this is what comes up. No mention of Mr. Roman, but WHAT IS THIS!