George Takes Shot at Bush


Oh, George Michael, you so crazy!

Despite last year’s announcement that his days as a pop star were behind him, Georgie Boy took to the stage again in Barcelona. Though he got off to a slow start, things picked up along the way, particularly when he sang his contentious anti-GW song, “Shoot the Dog.”

As he belted it out, an inflatable President Bush arose from the stage and with a yank of his zipper, a British bulldog’s hind bits were revealed. Where was the rest of Union Jack draped pup? In Bush’s pants, apparently giving him a blowie. (A not really that clever shot at Blair’s support of Bushie, we guess.)

Whatever, we don’t really care about this, but we thought someone out there may. (Plus, we like the picture.) We do wonder, however, why Bush is holding a glass of booze and a cigar. It’s been ages since we partied with him, but didn’t he get sober and all that?