Gimme Some Straight Talk, Straight Talk


Ex-gay Stephen Bennett will be putting a long hard mic up to his lips every day for a radio talk show on our favorite topic: our homosexual selves.

The currently hetero Bennett and his wife Irene (who was “never involved in homosexuality” and who he himself describes as “prissy and elegant.” hmmm) will take to the Christian airwaves preaching about that ghastly homosexual agenda. Their radio show will be heard in the mid-west (beginning appropriately enough on Halloween) and available to stream over the Internet. The rousing back-story on the loving couple:

Stephen Bennett is a former homosexual who abandoned his 11-year promiscuous homosexual lifestyle, along with a long term homosexual relationship, after becoming a Christian in 1992…Fully knowing Stephen’s past, Irene accepted Stephen’s proposal for marriage in 1993 without any reservations.

Ahh, young ex-gay Christian love. But we like the way Mr. And Mrs. Bennett tell it:

She’s the woman that stole his heart. He’s the former homosexual man. Now married and on a mission…they’re out to set the record straight.

Throw in Megan Mullally and a Chelsea coffee shop setting and you’ve got yourself one wacky WB sit-com.

We have an inkling Irene and Liza Minelli might be getting together over cosmos one day to commiserate over their husbands once Bennett, you know, falls off the wagon.

Oh and the show’s title? Straight Talk, of course! He’s named it after a Dolly Parton song! This ex-gay may have still have some queer in him after all.