Go: Honolulu, Hawaii


The main reason gays go to Hawaii is to enjoy the sun and the guys. Hawaii’s got them both in abundance. So a trip to the islands should include Waikiki, Hawaii’s fag central.

Though the appropriately named Queen’s Beach is technically the gay beach, the place for us to sunbathe without having to worry about pesky tan lines is the nearby Lighthouse Beach.

Our overall top hotel pick for Honolulu is the W Hotel. It’s totally classy. But if you have real money to blow then it might just be worth it to live like Bette Midler and crash at the Halekulani Hotel’s Vera Wang Suite. Everything, including the mirrored art, has been decorated by the fashion queen herself. But luxury comes at a cost of $4,000 a night.

Hula’s is the oldest gay club in Waikiki. Very popular. Another place locals seem to love is Angles. They have an all-male revue, Sensually Certified, (tacky name yes, but since when have revues been considered classy?) and offer the ubiquitous gay catamaran cruise.

And while in Hawaii, every queer should pay his or her respects to the men and women who lost their lives during the attack of Pearl Harbor. A personal trip to the USS Arizona might just help you forget the bigger human catastrophe that was Ben Affleck’s Pearl Harbor.