Guys Share What It’s Like To Be Gay And Asexual


Asexuals the world over say they want to be noticed as well. They are demanding greater visibility, saying they want asexuality to be recognized as an official sexual orientation by the government, the National Post reports.

In a new review published by the University of British Columbia, Canadian sex academics are insisting that asexuality isn’t some bizarre form of “psychopathology” or the result an extremely low libido as famously diagnosed by zoologist and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s. Instead, they say, “we surmise that the available evidence points to asexuality being best conceptualized as a unique sexual orientation.”

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To complicate matters even more, lots of guys identify as both gay and asexual.

Here’s what some of them have to say on Whisper:

Being gay and asexual is really weird because everyone stereotypes gay guys as sex maniacs and like, no

I'm gay, asexual, and I let my boyfriend sleep with other men. It's only sex. Our connection is way beyond that

I'm asexual and gay. Surprisingly I've found that the guys I'm interested in don't seem to mind...

Being gay and asexual is quite a drag. I literally had up to 4 opportunities to end up in a relationship but the guys always end up leaving cuz I can't satisfy their needs. ð???

Is it possible to be gay and asexual at the same time? I like guys, but have little desire to have any kind of sex

I am asexual and in love. It is possible and I'm so happy my boyfriend doesn't pressure me for sex. (We're gay)

It's hard to be gay and asexual. I don't think there are any gay guys who aren't interested in having sex every hour.

I don't mind long distance relationships considering I'm Asexual and gay.

Being asexual and gay is hard. I'm 19 and I've never been in a relationship because guys my age just wanna have sex. A relationship is way more than just sex. *cries*

I'm basically a gay, asexual. I am sexually attracted by a mans body but that's it. Not his part...

I'm a gay, asexual guy and I would love to be in a real relationship one day. I hope I can find someone who understands me

being gay and asexual in a world where everyone just wants figuratively

I get more hate for being asexual than I ever did for being gay

I'm in my 20s, gay, and asexual. I deal with all kinds of questions. My life is no one's business but mine!