Hallmark Goes For The Gay In Adorable New Advertisement

Just ahead of Valentine’s day, the hallmark of ritualized card-giving, Hallmark, has released a whole slew of adorable ads featuring real couples asked to describe their love without using the word “love” itself.

Mixed into the fold is one especially cuddly spot featuring lesbian couple Eugenia and Corinna, yet another show of support from the card makers. Also, “warm fuzzies eating chocolate-chip cookies all the time” is basically our new life goal. A girl’s gotta dream.

Take a look, and if you’re single, prepare to either choke up or gag:


The ad is a nice step in a pattern of support that Hallmark has been showing the gays. Last year, they came out with a lesbian Mother’s Day card just in time for — you guessed it — Mother’s Day, and followed it up with a gay Father’s Day card in June.