Hallmark Yanks Anti-Gay Card

Hallmark did right by the gays this week when they pulled a homophobic Father’s Day card from their roster of greetings. The card in question featured the works for a picnic with the message, “Dad, how about a Father’s Day picnic?” The punchline inside read, “Too Queer? Yeah, I thought so, too”.

Gay.com reports that an insulted homo pressed Hallmark to pull the card and the company agreed. Hallmark flack Deidre Parkes released the following statement:

[Hallmark’s business unit] reviewed it today and did all agree that it was in poor judgment to include the card in the line. We are stopping the shipping of the card, and we will not produce it again. Hallmark’s intent is never to offend, and we’re truly sorry if that is the case here.

Do they have a card for that?