Halloween Weekend Lesbophobes Haunt Couple’s Home With A Noose And Graffiti Threat

THE SHOT – Someone spray painted an anti-gay message on the Parker, Colorado home of Aimee Whitchurch and her partner Christel Conklin—the vandals also left a noose on their doorstep. According to the couple, the local Homeowners Association (which accuses the couple of loud noises and leaving dog poop everywhere) sloppily painted over the graffiti and also increased police patrols. But the couple placed signs on their garage door reading “We will not submit to hate” and “Don’t cover it, solve it.”

Image and link via Towleroad

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  • Jayson

    That’s disgusting!

  • Ray

    Where are the feds? They would be all over a noose on a black person’s house.

  • ChattyKathy

    How do you know this couple isn’t black to begin with, and what makes you think the feds care about black people that much? There are crimes against people of color everyday without anyone ever batting an eye, so stop acting like we’re getting some kind of special treatment…

  • Lunatic Fringe

    Why call them lesbophobes? We’re all homosexuals. I just don’t understand the mindset of people who commit these types of crimes. I hope that I never will.

    ChattyKathy: Right, as a Black and lesbian person I’m laughing. The police force is also full of right-wingers with violent tendencies towards gays, blacks, teenagers and latinos, an unfortunate fact of life.

  • BobInDenver

    I think it’s disgusting in this day and age that somebody(s) would stoop to such an idiotic and low thing as doing something like this.

    Some people just can’t seem to live and let live.

    I do believe this falls well under the law of hate crime and if whoever did it is caught, they are going to find out all too quickly just how serious a crime that is.

    Hang in there Aimee and Christel knowing that the lowlifes that do this type of stuff are an insignificant fractional minority of the rest of us who actually have lives.

    And for what its worth, that is the opinion of someone who is not gay, just appalled at this happening.

  • nicole

    This is intolerable. Absolutely intolerable.

  • dommedanielle.com

    Well I would assume that the closer you get to Focus on the family, the more hate you will see.

  • Open with no regrets

    I have been openly gay, I have never experienced any hate from anyone. I hope that never changes.

  • MphsThomas

    Come on now. Lets quit being the victims. I did alot worse shit than this when I was a teenager, maybe the lesbians should try and be better neighbors, turn down the loud noises, and clean up the dog crap. Doesnt sound like a hate crime, more like teenagers. I dont condone it by any means, but dont think it should be labeled a hate crime. It happens, and Im sorry but keep it in perspective.

  • kendall

    This is terrible. I do think it is absolutely a hatecrime… if it was spray painted “shut the f– up” or “die bitches” it would just be generic vandalism or even just boring ol’ misogyny but when its about someones race or religion or orientation its a different kind of attack. I hope the cops get on it.

  • Christel Conklin



    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, all the supporters big hugs.
    All the haters, thank you for your commits ( it proves there is hate all over this world) not just in Parker Co.

    Christel Conklin

  • Todd

    Wow, so you sprayed hatred on your own garage door Christel? Why would you do that? Are you trying to create a rift between hetero and homosexuals? I just want to know what the hell you were trying to accomplish?

  • Calvin

    Staged ‘hate crime.’ I hope these two get what they deserve.

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