What happens when Cristiano Ronaldo is locked out of his hotel in his boxer-briefs?

According to Socialite Life, an ad featuring Cristiano Ronaldo has gone viral once again — although we missed it the first time around, possibly tending to our immaculately maintained garden.

The ad stars Ronaldo as himself, unwittingly breaking the Internet by getting locked out of his hotel room in just his skivvies and becoming some sort of viral sensation. See, it’s because an enterprising housekeeper (who we’ll call Miss V) snaps Ronaldo in a theoretically compromising position and scurrilously shares the photo online, inspiring our thirsty world to squeak, squawk, carry on, kiki, and summarily freak out because they finally saw Ronaldo in his underwear.

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Never mind that Ronaldo owns his own underwear line and is arguably photographed more often in his boxer-briefs than not.

Even Queerty has written about the phenomenon once or twice in the past.


Shilling for broadband provider Altice USA, Ronaldo self-consciously snorts, rolling his eyes to the heavens as he contemplates the easy irony of it all… the fickle hubris of humanity… the superficial madness of life in the public eye.

It makes us feel things for sure —  but we’re not sure it’s what the advertisers were hoping for.


It's good to see how fast I'm "shared" in the United States ??? #RonaldoFaster

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