Hong Kong‘s Obscene Articles Tribunal ruled a lesbianic poem containing the line, “I’d like to pinch your thighs” too obscene for public display. It could have been worse. It could have said, “I want to lick your wet vagina until it swallows me whole.” How’s that for obscene?

• A Witeck-Combs Communications and Packaged Idea study claims gays will have at least $835 billion in disposable income by 2011. Approximately half will be spent on poppers and blow jobs.

• We wonder if any of those blow jobs will involve the new New York City condoms? They’re just like regular condoms only New York-ier. Or something.

• You guys worked hard today. Why not take a look at some more naked footage from Big Brother Brazil?

Big Brother Brazil may not censor hineys, but an American Airline employee censored the word “homosexual” from The Queen. (Oh, and God, too.)

• Those scamps at The Baptist Press have taken aim at Ford for advertising in fag-mags like Out. Shit, if they didn’t have the gays, they’d be belly-up by now.

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