Happy Endings: Jake Wears It Better Than The Pope

• Lesbian grocery store owners in Nepal are being harassed by homophobic soldiers. It’s foolish for many reasons, but mostly because everyone knows you just don’t mess with people that serve your food. [New Kerala]

• Want to know if you’re neighbor’s a homophobe? Well now you can. [Know Thy Neighbor]

Jake Gyllenhaal Santa Hat

• Texas’ same-sex marriage ban might not be the worst thing to hit the state’s gay community. A serial killer sounds like a much bigger problem. [Star-Telegram]

• We excitedly mentioned the possibility of gay unions in Australia yesterday. Today not so much. [The Australian]

• We’re off until Tuesday, but we wanted to leave you all with a holiday gift: footage of a rumpshaking Jake Gyllenhaal and his Santa Claus hat. Enjoy. [A Socialite’s Life]