Happy Endings: John Avarosis Dissects Larry Craig


John Aravosis chats with CNN’s resident tool Rick Sanchez about Larry Craig. Moral of the story: Craig’s coincidence defies reality. Meanwhile Aravosis wrote this piece about ENDA. A reader suggested we add him to our list of 20 Most Frightful Anti-Gay Activists…

GLAAD gets into the news business.

Queer Iraqi situation worse than imagined:

Up to 25 gay men will next month have to ‘take their chances’ in Iraq where religious militia regularly seek out gays and execute them. Two ‘safe houses’ for gays will be forced to close at the end month – due to lack of cash, it was learned last night.

Make potentially life saving donation here. Or continue being apathetic. It’s up to you.

Lesbians make history in Maine: first same-sex couple granted joint adoption.

Jimmy Im really wants you to read a. his travel blog and b. his Daily News article. Make him a happy man.

Penn Badgley wants Gossip Girl to go gay.

Super parrot!!!

Ellen Degeneres dog adoption case gets wackier.

Trans woman sues IRS after they refuse surgical deduction.

• Stereohyped’s editor Lauren Williams up on NPR.