Happy Endings: The Day We Learned About Drugs

• Awwww, Amy Winehouse used to be so cute and innocent. What happened? Oh, right: heroin.

Gay would-be blood donors arrested in Russia.

Gay drama continues on ATWT.

Kenneth Hill wants you to stop making fun of sissies:

Sissies and other gay freaks and misfits are the real warriors of the gay movement. They are the brave ones. They have to fight much harder than the straight-acting gay man we’re so desperate to have portray us in the media. While society mocks them in stupid marketing gimmicks or turns them into good Internet fodder, sissies go out into the world everyday just being themselves. No excuses, and no apologies.

Strom Thurmond = swinger? Gross!

Britney Spears to make VMA apology at Emmys?

• If you ever wanted proof Brit’s a bad mom, look at this.

• Bollywood star Milind Soman sparks gay movie.

HSBC beats gay lawsuit.