Happy time

Harry Styles shows off a little, er, a LOT more than intended in skin-tight purple pants

A gif of Harry Styles flag dancing at a concert this week in Munich is making the rounds and it has everyone talking.

Perhaps you can see why?

In addition to dancing with flags, Styles appears to be pitching a tent in his skin-tight purple pants.

OK, OK, it’s probably all a trick of light or an odd camera angle, but still. The internet would rather imagine it’s something a little more, ahem, magical.

Last month, Styles sent everyone into a frenzy with his new single “Medicine” in which he maybe probably came out as bisexual.

In the song, he sings:

Tingle running through my blood, fingers to my toes
Tingle running through my bones
The boys and the girls are here
I mess around with them
And I’m okay with it
The boys and girls are here
I’m messing ’round with them
And I’m okay with it