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HEADLINES: God’s War on Pepsi … Montreal’s Oldest Gay bar Closes … Amazing Gay Brothers

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.


• A Tampa Bay church removes Pepsi machines from the premises, because the soda maker supports the gays. But the Bell Shoals Baptist Church isn’t too concerned with parishoners’ health; the machines were replaced with equally sugary Coca-Cola machines.

• The D.C. Metro has construction-related closures on the same weekend as the National Equality March. Meanwhile, you can upload your audition tape for a chance to take the podium at march. Just don’t go on and on for more than three minutes, please.

• After 37 years pouring drinks for Montreal’s gays, the city’s oldest gay bar Le Mystique will close.

• Gay (cute) brothers Dan and Sam, who recently came out to each other, will compete together in The Amazing Race.

• Ten Maryland nuns leave Episcopal Church because it’s too liberal with the gays. Instead, they’re joining the Catholic Church, and leave behind (but will still live with) two nuns from their convent.

• As expected, God was present over the weekend for the 39th annual Southern Decadence festival in New Orleans.


• Here are 11 hot man-on-man comic superhero relationships.

• Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer (and legislators), in an effort to, uh, cut costs, eliminated domestic partnership benefits for same-sex employees.

• Judy Shepard chats all things Matthew and hate crimes with NPR.

More concert cancellations for reggae artist Buju Banton.

Oprah + Whitney = Divadom.