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Here Are The 10 Best Gay-Themed Video Games

hurt me plenty videogame buttLooking for a fun time? We’ve gathered some of our favorite video games with queer content here for you to browse.

Now before you get all bent out of shape: yes, we know there are far more than 10 great gay video games out there.

Which ones did we miss? Tell us your favorites in the comments and we’ll reconsider our ranking if a consensus emerges.
the last of us

1. The Last of Us

It’s been said that zombie stories are allegories for American racial anxieties, but it would be interesting to examine zombie games and movies for subtext about sexual orientation. There’s no need for subtext with The Last of Us and Left Behind, which have explicitly queer characters, frankly depicted and without leaning on stereotypes.


2. Mass Effect and Dragon Age

It’s hard to think of two game franchises that did a better job of handling LGBT love stories. Bioware developed both, and did a magnificent job of giving players options to fall in love with characters of the same gender. As an added bonus, Dragon Age features a great trans character, and also lets you create your own characters with a wide range of gender expressions. Bioware also produced a KOTOR game with a lesbian character named Juhani.


3. Final Fantasy XIV

The latest installment of FF finally lets you craft same-sex relationships. About time, considering just how campy and gay some of those bosses are. This is a far cry from Final Fantasy VII, which featured what might be a pretty problematic depiction of gays in a hot tub.

“Why should there be restrictions on who pledges their love or friendship to each other?” said producer Naoki Yoshida.


4. Succulent

Suck a popsicle. That’s it. That’s all you do in this game. And yet it’s still oddly mesmerizing, with a hunky man in his underwear drawing you closer and closer as his frozen treat melts. Meanwhile, the sexy fellows behind him gyrate and rub themselves, until it’s too late to pull back and you discover that these homogenous gay body types are really a curse.
hurt me plenty videogame butt

5. Hurt me Plenty

Created by Robert Yang, who also made Succulent, this game lets you simulate a consensual BDSM experience. You meet a sex partner, negotiate your terms, slap his ass around until it’s jiggly and red, and then engage in after-care. As an added bonus, if you have the right hardware, you can control the game with gestures, actually swatting your hand back and forth as though there’s a butt hovering right there in front of you.

mount your friends

6. Mount Your Friends

In this game, a bunch of floppy marionette-like figures wiggle around and try to climb on top of each other to make a pyramid.

Of course, they’re wearing just speedos, and their genitals are plainly obvious, swinging back and forth. Hot.


7. Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Well, duh. Gay is right in the title. This is an add-on to GTA IV, and it’s a chance to play in a slightly more rainbow-filled world of bad-behavior.

Tony is the naughty gay nightclub-owning member of the crime family we all know and love from GTA IV, and so the plot dovetails nicely with the main game.

You play as Gay Tony’s bodyguard, driving around and shooting people and blowing stuff up in pursuit of a cache of diamonds.


8. Final Fight

A vintage fighting game from Capcom features a lady named Poison in a sexy slinky outfit. For a long time, producers said that it didn’t matter whether the character of Poison was male or female, but she’s popped up in more games since then, and they’ve had to figure out a more specific backstory for her.

Now producer Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that Poison has transitioned from male to female. Her latest appearance is in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

my ex boyfriend space tyrant

9. My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant

A cute point and click adventure game, this game features lots of chiseled torsos and massages. You get to click around a futuristic spacey world and gaze lovingly on men’s nearly-naked bodies. You can even unlock a special mode in which all of the characters are in their underwear. It looks like Space Ace with all the rippling muscles, but plays like a Sierra game — perfect!



10. RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis

The superstar queens from the TV show appear in this strangely captivating little iPhone game that’s actually a bunch of drag-themed mini games. You bounce balls around a grid, collect power-ups (wigs, beads, outfits, etc) and read the villainous Apocalypstik (played by Mimi Imfurst) to filth.


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