Here’s the 25-year ‘Sister Act’ reunion you never knew you never needed

There are only three creative concepts in the whole known universe: The heartwarming familial world-building of Fuller House and its predecessor Full House; the corpse-as-punchline slapstick of Weekend At Bernie’s, Weekend at Bernie’s 2, and our as-yet-unproduced screenplay about Bernie’s dead niece, Weekend at Berniece’s.

The third and final creative idea floating around in the collective unconscious: The churchy, clownish fun of Sister Act and Sister Act 2, both starring Whoopi Goldberg at her absolute wryest.

To celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, a handful of original cast members reunited with Goldberg for a celebratory rendition of “I Will Follow Him.”

Listen to the latest iteration of the song here:

Wait, there are actually four creative ideas.