David LaChapelle Explains Why He Will Never Work With Madonna Again

David-LaChapelleYou know, I gotta thank her because honestly I’ve never said no to a job before. We were in pre-production for the video ‘Hung Up’ when she was screaming at me. (…) I had just finished the documentary Rise and I had really worked so hard. That film opened theatrically all over the world and I had just come from that junket. I was tired. I wanted all my life to do a Madonna video. When she was screaming at me on the phone, I couldn’t take it. (…) The song was good and everything was in place. We were doing the job and I remember that being so mean. The shoots were always so stressful with her, when we did photo shoots. I thought God I can’t go through this. I just hung up the phone. I got very quiet because she was yelling at me. I put the phone down. I hung it up. It was a cellphone actually. My agent was sitting beside me and you know, Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone? She’s like ‘You hung up on Madonna?’ and the funny thing was the song was ‘Hung Up’. I’m not here to judge her. Everything in life is a lesson to me. That’s how I look at it. Honestly, it was the first time I said no. She gave me a gift, in a sense, because from that moment on I realized I didn’t have to do everything. I was working all my life out of fear because I didn’t finish high school. I didn’t have a diploma. My mom said I was going to be homeless when I was a kid and I believed her. I thought so too. I finally said no and nothing bad happened. So I started saying no more and more which led me to stopping all together working for magazines and celebrities. I still shoot celebrities, but it’s rare. When it happens is for a reason. Right now I’m focusing on the fine art work. In a way, Madonna, that experience with her was kind of a catalyst. So I should be grateful.”


Photographer-filmmaker David LaChappelle explaining to Brazilian artist Yann on Yann Calls why he was replaces as director on Madonna’s “Hung Up” video after having collaborated with her in the past

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  • QJ201

    New Headline: Madonna being an asshole gave Chapelle a new career direction

  • jd2222248

    @QJ201: so true…….he should be thanking her! :-)

  • Cam

    So lets see, the article is saying that Madonna is a controlling bitch who doesn’t understand proper ways to behave.

    Anybody at all surprised? ;)

  • hephaestion

    Why is Madonna so abusive to people? She needs to leave the public eye for a while and learn to be human again.

  • Chevelter

    Madonna yells at everybody. She’s yelled at me. A more selfish person you will never find.

  • friscoguy

    Why did he just hang up and not tell her off? That is why people like Madonna thrive, everyone is afraid of them and they know it and feed off of it, if more people called her out on her bad attitude she would lighten up.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    My sister taught me early on that the minute a voice is raised in anger it is precisely the moment when one’s power is lost. It’s a telltale sign of powerlessness. It’s never too late to go to school either. This guy could chip away at classes and have a higher esteem about his lack of education, 3 units at a time. Education gives us hooks upon which to hang things. Something learned in class may inform a decision in the creative endeavor later. Take classes and build knowledge. Boredom is a killer of spirit. I’m glad this man refused to be abused.

  • MarionPaige

    Yada, Yada, Yada as if there is only one White Woman in the world that everyone has to tiptoe around. If anything, it’s an honor to be yelled at by Madonna, a person fronting a multi-million dollar entertainment enterprise. Anyone of us can walk out right not and get screamed at by some no name insignificant psycho White Bitch. I would even say White Women are by definition psychotic, in that has anyone met one that wasn’t psycho? LaChappelle hit the nail on the head when he admitted that he put himself in the position of being treated like shit because of his own feelings of inferiority over his lack of education and professional training. There are so many people that manage to somehow “work” their way into position of assumed “standing” when in reality they have very little to justify that “standing”.

  • robirob

    Madonna a Grade A bitch? What a shocker! What’s next, water is wet?

  • cflekken

    Ah, the classic: Demanding businesswoman is a bitch. Did he crawl into a corner and cry in a fetal position afterwards?

  • Desert Boy

    Madge has a well earned reputation for being a bitch. Even to her fans, she acts like they’re beneath her.

  • Roan

    Funny story, but I really want to know what Madonna did when he hung up on her. Did she call back, and “click”, he did it again?

  • jimstoic

    What a great attitude. I admire you, David LaChapelle.

    P.S. Tell Madonna to call me for her next video.

  • blackberry finn

    @MarionPaige: Not a race issue, but better luck next article.

  • Austrian

    @cflekken: I think you missed the point. It isnt about her being a business woman, it was about him being treated unprofessionally. She did not behave like a professional and he did.

  • NoCagada

    Gee, Dave…maybe because you effin ugly.

  • Andyb729

    To quote another artist who was treated like crap by madonna, ” If Madonna calls, tell her I’m not here!”

  • james_in_cambridge

    God, she really is a twat. It’s about time someone told her that her poop does indeed stink, like everyone else’s. It’s not like she’s had a hit album or single lately, so why is she always promoting herself? Controversy-a-day just ain’t working no more; time to go away!

    Don’t get me wrong; she’s released some classic songs in the past. Now, however, she’s constantly embarrassing herself, acting like some spoiled 12 year old on Instagram, still begging for the public’s attention after all these years.

    Please just go the f*** away and look up, and embrace, the word “dignity”.

  • Stenar

    Y’all are a bunch of misogynistic assholes.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Stenar: How are they misogynistic? Please explain.

  • Random

    @Austrian: Actually, putting the phone down on someone is not professional. We all lose our temper at times, and whilst no one enjoys being on the receiving end of that, it’s part of work life. Most people in regular jobs would either be disciplined or fired if they slammed the phone down on a client.

  • o.codone

    Yeah Madge, time to go away, you are tired and we are tired of you. OMG a f*ag who hates Madonna. This world is upside down.

    • Random

      @o.codone: Speak for yourself. In the next 12-18 months, she’s likely to have another #1 album and a tour that grosses at *least* quarter of a billion dollars, and mostly likely more if her last two outing are anything to go by.

      And you’re not the only gay who doesn’t like Madonna so don’t think that in any way makes you ‘edgy’ or ‘alternative’.

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