Here’s what it would look like if some of your favorite male celebs made babies together

Image Credits: Jonathan Bailey via Getty Images (left), FaceApp (center), Matt Bomer via Getty Images (right)

Earlier this month, we reported on the astounding news that scientists in Japan were able to create a baby mouse from the cells of two father mice.

The implications of the finding are pretty mind-boggling, with some hypothesizing this could pave the way for two men to have biological children together using a mixture of their DNA (with the help of a surrogate to carry the child, of course).

This is, without a doubt, a major development in the scientific world that could one day change the lives of gay men who hope to be biological fathers, as well as many others.

And while we’d rather not get too far ahead of ourselves, it’s been a pretty dreary week so far, so we at Queerty decided to have a little fun. You see, we can conduct some scientific studies of our own…

Using “highly advanced DNA-splicing technology” (no, it’s not called FaceApp, why do you ask?) we decided to take a peek into the future and imagine what the offspring of some of our favorite gay male stars (and a few allies) might look like.

And the results? Well, they’re a mixture of strange, eyebrow-raising, and just a little unsettling. But, again, it’s been a rough week, so let’s just have some fun for the heck of it.

So, follow us into the uncanny valley to see what might happen if some of today’s biggest stars got together and made a kid!:

Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey

Source images via Getty Images

After those beach photos leaked from the set of their upcoming limited series, Fellow Travelers, we’ve been thinking a lot about Bomer and Bailey making babies…

Omar Apollo & Troye Sivan

Source images via Getty Images

Two of today’s most exciting gay pop stars getting together to make a rager teenager of their own? Music to our ears!

Murray Bartlett & Colman Domingo

Source images via Getty Images

While The Last Of Us and White Lotus‘ Bartlett and Euphoria‘s Domingo are famously partnered, we just know there’s some good genes between HBO’s daddy royalty.

Chris Appleton & Lukas Gage

Source images via Getty Images

Speaking of The White Lotus, what would happen if “It Boy” Gage and his now-confirmed celeb stylist beau got together to procreate?

Joel Kim Booster & Jerrod Carmichael

Source images via Getty Images

With two hilarious comics as his dads, every bone is this kid’s body is going to be a funny bone.

Billy Eichner & Luke Macfarlane

Source images via Getty Images

What if the two bros of Bros got together to make a baby bro? Stay tuned for Bros 2: Daddy Drama, coming soon to a theater near you.

Jeremy Pope & Colton Haynes

Source images via Getty Images

Considering both Pope and Haynes have starred in multiple Ryan Murphy projects, we’re sure the super-producer would try to cast their kid the first chance he gets.

Pedro Pascal & Oscar Isaac

Source images via Getty Images

Famously besties, we’re not holding out hope for this pairing (Isaac, for one, is married, and Pascal is… blowing in the wind?), but a girl can dream, right?

Gus Kenworthy & Adam Rippon

Source images via Getty Images

Since his dads would have both a Silver and a Bronze medal between them, does that mean the Kenworthy-Rippon kid has Oscar gold in his future?

Johnny Sibilly & Lil Nas X

Source images via Getty Images

Honestly, we just like imagining what would happen if two hot people got together.

All source images courtesy of Getty Images.