Burning questions

Hey West Hollywood gays: “What’s the straightest thing you’ve ever done?”

Stop woodworking for a minute and check this out.

The misguided tradition of straight people being asked, “What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?” gets turned on its head on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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To celebrate Pride, a segment finds West Hollywood gays being stopped on the street and asked: “What’s the straightest thing you’ve ever done?”

Bailing hay is only the half of it.

Here’s how the rest of the segment turned out, bro:

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  • Daddy K

    I’ve never done ANYTHING STRAIGHT since I am a HOMOSEXUAL!!! Everything I do is gay and to suggest activities in and of themselves are gay or straight is STUPIDLY MORONIC!

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Does playing hockey count?

    • o.codone

      yeah, it does but only if you don’t put the puck in your mouth.

  • Paco

    For gay men, the only answer could be “Having sex with a woman”. That really is the only difference between gay things and straight things. But I realize the segment was just reinforcing stereotypes for the laughs.

  • Kieran

    Well that was a definite break from the tiresome “let’s laugh at the homos” segments we’ve all come to know and hate.

    • ChrisK

      I didn’t sense any mocking or looking down. The responses were witty and funny. Very Kimmel comedy.

    • ChrisK

      I think if they were looking for some cheap laughs they would’ve found the most stereotypical F*gs. Lets face it. Not a very hard thing to find in the middle of Weho. Instead the guys were very normal.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    No surprise this was from Kimmel’s show. He’d make a good gay guy.

  • jhon_siders

    Well in my younger days up to about age 49 I worked wild well all over the world (If your oil or gas well blew up or caught fire we were the guys that put it out and capped/killed it with mud ) Worked in Alaska driving oil field trucks crossing frozen tundra and lakes did that at 21 . Now pushing 60 I just operate equipment or drive trucks for a heavy construction company too much to take care of at home with a partner a cat and a farm .

  • BigWill

    It’s “baling” hay not “bailing.” (Sorry, grew up on a farm.)

    • crowebobby

      Good to know.

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  • brandon

    I love reading yall’s comments. It reminds me of how bitter I’m not. ha. Happy Saturday everyone!

  • Herman75

    Show my little nakey bum at gay pride. Brave gurl!!

  • lcandela123

    shooting guns with my brother. scary!

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