High Price of Meth

How does one fight the meth epidemic? California officials and ad executives are hoping the answer lies in a multi-million dollar print, billboard and commercial campaign:

California drug officials launched an $11-million barrage of billboards, bus wraps, cable TV ads and a website Thursday aimed at discouraging gay men from using methamphetamine, an illegal stimulant linked to risky sexual behavior and the spread of HIV.

A statewide survey, also released Thursday, found that crystal meth use was 11 times more common among gay men than in the California population overall. Fifty-five percent of 549 gay and bisexual men surveyed said they had used the drug, compared with 5% of the general population.

Sorry, Me Not Meth campaign, we think you should show what meth addicts really look like: toothless, gray faced, zombified nightmares. These boys look like models.