Hitchens Irked By Sullivan’s “Lesbian” Ways

Christopher Hitchens got bi-tchy this weekend while debating Obama-loving Andrew Sullivan. The gents were debating Jeremiah Wright’s influence on Barack Obama‘s campaign when Hitchens described Sullivan as a “lesbian,” as in, “don’t be such a lesbian.”

Foolish Hitchens, Sullivan’s a fag, not a dyke!

Transcript via video-providing Media Matters, after the jump…

SULLIVAN: Two things. One, it’s important to clear up that he [Wright] did not say “The Jews are going to get you” in some conspiratorial, classic anti-Semitic fashion. I think that’s just —

HITCHENS: He [Wright] thinks only Jews are going to object to [Rev. Louis] Farrakhan and [Libyan leader Moammar] Gadhafi. Excuse me?

SULLIVAN: No, he didn’t say “only.”

HITCHENS: No, but —

SULLIVAN: Again, you keep playing with that quote. We’re happy to have it on the record. And now you’ve made me forget my second point, which is —

HITCHENS: Oh, well, don’t be such a lesbian. Get on with it.