Filmmaker Uses Powers For Good

HIV PSA Hits Home

Some gay bloggers have told filmmaker Eric Leven his AIDS PSA’s “fear-based”. And, you know what, he’s okay with that. HIV commercials should be fucking scary – or, at least, jarring. This one’s both.

In an interview with Michael Crawford from Bloggernista, Leven explains his – er – position:

I’ve been through the ranks of gay life. I’ve seen it in its most beautiful and darkest arenas. I want to take these experiences and shine light on them. Expose them for what they are and nothing less. I want gay men to start realizing the realities of their own community. I want them to step up to the plate and be a man (whether you’re wearing leather or a dress!) I want them to start taking their lives seriously and thinking before they act.

So, does that mean we can’t snort meth for three days straight, fuck thirty-eight men bareback while simultaneously shooting up with discarded needles? God, what a party pooper!