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Hollywood Homophobia Heads To The Stage (And Maybe The Small Screen) With Him

Whether they’re walking out of the closet or being dragged kicking and screaming, the subject of gay celebrities coming clean has been a hot-button issue of late.

Him, which the New York Times described as a “tasty bonbon” just opened off-Broadway at the SoHo Playhouse after a successful run in December. It delves into the topic of Hollywood outings head first, as a hunky rising star (played by Jon Fleming of Dante’s Cove fame) has to decide whether to hide or live honestly.

From the play’s press release:

In Him, hunky actor Nick Cooper has just landed his breakthrough film role and the offers from Hollywood’s A-list are pouring in. The only problem: Nick is gay and his viper of an agent wants to keep him in the closet. Nick is happy to play along in spite of the vocal opposition of his boyfriend. But all hell breaks loose when a Latina bombshell is brought in to “play” Nick’s girlfriend.

Him‘s writer/director, Clifford Streit, is a notable Hollywood gay in his own right: He produced the film version of American Psycho and helped get Sex and the City greenlit at HBO. Though he and Candace Bushnell are now at odds over his cut of the SATC pie, Streit was actually the inspiration for Carrie’s gay BFF, Stanford Blatch.

In an interesting turn of events, there’s even talk of bringing Him to television. Hmm, maybe Darren Starr could executive produce?