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Homophobic Senator’s Ice Cream Party is About to get Super-Gay

New York State Senator Martin Golden like two things: stopping gays from getting married, and stuffing his constituents’ faces with ice cream.

Golden’s stood in the way of weddings for years, but he stepped up his anti-gay attacks last month with a bill that would all him to void any out-of-state marriage he doesn’t like, i.e., the homosexual gay ones.

So what does that have to do with ice cream? Well, not very much, except that he’s holding an ice cream eating contest this weekend (it’s an annual fundraiser) and one gay is calling for a protest.

Local blogger, contributor to Yacht Vacations and Pampered Puppy, and man-about-town Scott Rose has been applying fierce pressure to the ice cream sponsors. It must be working: last week Ben & Jerry’s pulled their affiliation, and another ice cream company demanded that Golden cease using their name in promoting the event.

Now, Rose’s new plan is to infiltrate the contest. He directs his followers:

Without mentioning that you support LGBT-equality, sign up for the competition, by calling Maria the Ice Cream Girl at 917-578-6374, or Senator Golden at 718-238-6044. But then, when you go to the event, wear a MARRIAGE EQUALITY T-SHIRT, or buttons, or some similar LGBT-equality-affirming garments or accessories. You could wear a Marriage Equality t-shirt under a button down shirt, and then flash the EQUALITY t-shirt after you win the competition!

Yeah, that’ll show ’em! Somebody call Cazwell, he can provide musical accompaniment. And also, erotic jiggling.

In all seriousness, it would be kind of nice if a gay couple won the contest and used it as an opportunity to take Golden aside and be all, “dude, wtf.”

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  • Monolith

    It says that the fundraiser is for a victim Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, not for the the senator himself. I’d be careful of doing anything that would prevent any charity going to a cancer victim.

  • Scott Rose

    @Monolith – Queerty has linked to the 2008 event. This year’s event has no connection to anything charitable.

  • Scott Rose

    @Queerty – you forget to say that I blogged for Queerty during the first six months of its existence. Also – PamperedPuppy – yes, I wrote for them. But, that’s old news. My story about Maestro James Levine’s 40th anniversary with the Metropolitan Opera was on the cover of the January issue of Opera News magazine. I also have published a novel, Mr. David Cooper’s Happy Suicide, about a Manhattan advertising executive assigned to a condom account. The condom brand is FMP, which stands for “Fuck me Please!” in the true Queerty spirit.

  • Paula brochu

    Go Scott!!

  • Scott Rose

    I want readers to know that I have had an invaluable assistance in this direct action against the LGBT-bashing Senator Martin Golden from Jessica Naomi, who on Facebook uses the handle “Demand Equality.” She is extremely intelligent and devoted uncompromisingly to LGBT rights.

  • divkid

    thanks scott. appreciate it. but while you’re here, wont you please take the opportunity to push some merch or maybe big ya self up. i know your natural reticence militates against this, but ya really oughta push yourself forward a bit more. go on, give it a try.
    love ya.

  • Jessica Naomi

    This fundraiser is Gay Bashing
    Brooklyn’s 3rd Annual Famous
    Ice Cream Eating Contest

    DATE: Sunday, June 5, 2011
    (In front of Senator Marty Golden’s Office 7408 – 5th Avenue)

    NOONTIME AT THIS LOCATION we will be Looking for some more eligible contestants (with ID of 18+) to compete.
    More Info. Please contact: Maria (917)- 578- 6374
    or MARTY GOLDEN’S OFFICE (718)- 238- 6044


  • Scott Rose

    @divkid: I take it you’re not in New York?

  • Scott Rose

    To re-iterate, for those interested in bringing the Sweet Taste of Equality to the gay-bashing NY State Senator Martin J. Golden’s ice cream eating contest, the event anouncement is here:

    You can just show up, at 12p.m. on Sunday, June 5 – to sign up for the contest, which begins at 2p.m.

    OR you may call MARTY GOLDEN’S OFFICE (718)- 238- 6044

    OR his STAUNCH political supporter The Ice Cream Girl Maria at:
    Maria (917)- 578- 6374

    To sign up ahead of time.

  • greybat

    @Jessica Naomi:
    The Facebook Page has had it’s Wall disabled, nor can you send a Message to it’s host.
    I guess even so frosty a personage as Maria the Ice Cream Girl couldn’t take the heat!

  • SayHey

    @Scott Rose:
    I find it amazing how gays don’t see the hypocrisy of their movement. Essentially what you are saying is no one can hold a view other than your own..You call anyone who doesn’t agree with the gay lifestyle homophobic, that makes no sense. No one is required to like or approve of any behavior. If the people who elected him don’t like his views than fine they will vote him out but to bully..Yes BULLY someone because they don’t agree with you makes you no better than the people who bullies gays.

  • matt baume

    @SayHey: Nope, wrong. It’s not his “view” that anyone’s upset about, it’s the fact that he’s introduced a bill that would take away their marriages.

  • Scott Rose

    Irrational hate of a minority is not legitimate as a “view.” I’ll give you an example, since you are too damned stooopid to grasp this on your own. In the period of racial apartheid in the US, some white people had the view that the segregated “lifestyle” was justified by the Bible. Those segregationists were bigoted assholes, just like you. I hope this helps you to understand this important issue better. I’ll give you another example, just in case the first one didn’t get through your thick skull. Anti-gay bigots in the schools don’t grow under cabbages. Nor do they come from families that teach good strong acceptance values. No. Anti-gay bullies in school come from families like Senator Martin “Rat’s Ass” Golden, and your family, that teach irrational anti-gay hate to their children. Now go away and think about it and before you make another comment here, think 100 times before hitting the “Submit” button “Am I about to say another stupid thing against gay people on a gay-interest site? Am I?”

  • Scott Rose

    @SayHey: @SayHey – if you comment here again – give your real name, not “SayHey” You are talking like Maggot Gagginwhore of NOM. For all we know, you ARE Maggot Gagginwhore of NOM. I did e-mail Maggot Gagginwhore the link to this article, after all.

  • Scott Rose

    @greybat: I think the Facebook page is still working. There never was an option to send the host a message. It’s an event page, so you can either click “I’m Attending,” “Maybe” or “No” The FB event page is here:http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=208560185848849

  • Scott Amundsen

    “You call anyone who doesn’t agree with the gay lifestyle homophobic, that makes no sense. No one is required to like or approve of any behavior.”

    Oh, boy. How many WAYS can I find to describe just how IDIOTIC that statement is?

    For starters, being gay isn’t a “lifestyle.” The word “lifestyle” implies choices, like the choice to drive a sports car, the choice to own a home or rent an apartment, the kind of clothes you choose to wear (all of which, you can see, is influenced by how much MONEY you have).

    Being gay just is. “Liking” or “approving of” it is akin to liking or approving of brown or blue eyes, or white or black skin. You cannot pass judgment on an immutable.

    Oh and by the way, hiding behind a nickname does not make you cool. It makes you a coward.

  • Scott Amundsen

    @Shannon1981: Yeah I know. But I can never resist the temptation to tell off some stupid jerk when (s)he is just begging for it!


  • Shannon1981

    @Scott Amundsen: I wish they’d make account registration mandatory here. That would cut the trolling and fly by night lecturing on how awful this place is down a lot. Not to mention making sock puppetry a whole lot more difficult.

  • Jessica Naomi

    Hey you sound like Maggie KILL GAYS Gallagher. Gay basher Marty Golden is having a public event in a public place. He has said he is against the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender New Yorkers. He introduced a bill to deny New York citizens and visitors who were legally married in other states and countries recognition of their marriages. We have this wonderful right left in America – it’s called the First Amendment. It protects us from heterosupremacist tyrannical theocRATS like you. It also gives us the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Now if Gay Basher Golden did not want gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to compete or watch this contest, he would hold the event on private property, but he is holding the event on property paid for by New York tax payers, including the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender tax payers – tax payers currently forced to pay for the heterosexist married lifestyle while being denied the 1138 federal and state rights of marriage. While our freedom of association is denied to us because of who we love, our freedom of speech will not be silenced.

    So for all the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, families, friends and allies of marriage equality don your gayest marriage equality apparel, exercise your First Amendment right to freedom of assembly and petitioning the government (Namely gay basher Golden) for a redress of grievances and SMILE.

    Oh and Maggie take your homo-hot-and-bothered tyrannical theocRAT kill gays bible and shove it down your throat and choke on it – you can wash it down with a Gay Bashing Golden Shower.

  • Jeffree

    @Jessica Naomi & @Scott Rose: Promise us there will be no glitter hurled at the Senator, ok? That’s been overdone as of late, & it’s not very eco-friendly, to boot. I hope you bring the Statesman down a peg, & report back to us.

    When I read the glibitudinous rantings of trolls like SayHey, I always pant & salivate & scream “We haz a new chew toy !”

    But then the likes of MattBaune, Shannon1981, Scott Amundsen, Scott Rose etc. tear into it and all that’s left to play with is the little squeaky thang, covered in drool. Still fun though.
    Nice work, Ladies & Gents.

  • Scott Rose

    @Henry Stewart: I didn’t receive any request for comment from The L Magazine’s Henry Stewart. We were successful in getting Ben & Jerry’s to withdraw from its sponsorship of Senator Golden’s ice cream eating contest. Additionally, we got the Marina Ice Cream Corp. and Marino’s Italian Ices to withdraw its prize donation. Marina’s Mike Barone said “I am personally insulted as well as embarrassed by the fact that one of our customers would throw around the Marina name with such wreckless abandon. We had no knowledge of our name being used on the senator’s website or any Facebook announcement. We have since demanded to all the other parties involved that the Marina name be removed from anything and everything having to do with this senator, this event, or his politics, and beyond that we have of course withdrawn our offering of the donation for the event.” The gay-bashing Golden and his staff kept the replacement prize donation from L&B Spumoni Garden a secret until the time of the event. We recommend not patronizing L&B Spumoni Garden. The Marina Ice Cream Corp in Brooklyn has proven itself a friend to equality.

  • Jeffree

    @Henry Stewart: You’re a good writer, but a poor reader. The “Ladies & Gents” comment was about the smackdown of the troll, not a reference to Scott Rose’s event.

  • Bruce Kogan

    Marty Golden, Mike Long’s personal homophobe and errand boy in the State Senate. This one
    is a real piece of work. He’s hanging on with a gerrymandered district, but they can’t
    rig it too much more for him.

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