Homosexual Olympians Invited to Gay Ski Lodge


“For the first time in Olympic history, gay and lesbian athletes will have a place to go to relax and watch events, and meet friends. On Friday, a group called GayWhistler announced it will set up a special club house in partnership with the Pan Pacific Whistler Village hotel. The free facility will be open to homosexual athletes, their families, friends and fans. It will offer a lounge, television screens and meeting areas.” [Vancouver Sun] Now all they need to do? Find openly gay Olympic athletes!

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  • Michael vdB

    Since Vancouver has a large Queer community, it only makes sense that the VANOC would include something like this in their plans. Bravo to everyone for stepping up.

  • alan brickman

    In Canada of course…always cooler than the U.S…..

  • Mike

    “For the first time in Olympic history, gay and lesbian athletes will have a place to go to relax and watch events, and meet friends.”

    What are they talking about? Gay athletes can hang out and watch events the same place everyone else does! I’m sick of this, gay athletes don’t need ‘separate gay facilities’ to participate in events, it just makes us look like prissy idiots. What is everyone going to think is going on at this gay ski lodge that people can’t do in all the other lodges?

    If I were one of the few gay athletes, I’d rather participate in the games like everyone else instead of making it look like I need special treatment to hang out with the other 2 gay athletes

  • Mark.of.Antares

    I missed the article…I was ogling the picture. *blush*

  • j-dog

    Is it just me, or is it really shallow for the gay community to use naked men to communicate a point?

  • blake


    It’s just typical Queerty…

    Seriously, I’m not sure if this is a good thing. How many gay athletes will there be that want or need segregated facilities?

  • alex

    Considering that Olympic Villages of past have reputations as being very sexual, I think a gay-friendly area is very appropriate. First, what gay person wants to be hit on by opposite sex people when they are trying to just relax. Second, it enables LGBT people easier access to each other to join in the fun!

  • tofer david

    no the gay athletes will be able to dorm in the same building…and from what i hear about the olympic village after people finish their competing its mayhem….think about it. most of these athletes have deprived their bodes of many things for, days, weeks, months…that and ther are other athletes from around the world that don’t view gays and lesbians very well….

  • musicj48

    I think it can be perceived as creating a separate facility for the gay athletes but it can also been seen as a safe haven. People can go to this place and not feel worried or out-casted.

  • KyleR


    Its prolly to allow them to be comfortable. Remember their are a lot of nations that come here that have poor records for their treatments of LGBT. Like Russia.

  • afrolito

    Are there even enough “out” gay athletes to fill this place?

  • KyleR

    And of course theres always all the free publicity this will generate for Gay Whistler around the world that will resonate with the LGBT community. Somewhere that I always wanted to go when I lived in Settle. But never managed. =(

  • KyleR


    And I’m sure their are. You have to remember thousands of athletes from across the globe will be arriving. I’m sure theirs a few homos in the bunch. ;) And I would say Matthew Mitcham but wrong season!! LOL

  • afrolito


    I don’t think i’ve ever watched an Olympics game, where there were enough out gay athletes to fill up a lodge.

    Out = zero endorsements

  • Dean

    Thank you for your comment on Pride House. Pride House is significant especially to those citizens in nations such as India, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, and 65+ other countries where it is still ILLEGAL to be a homosexual and in over 7 countries the crime of being gay or thought to be gay is punishable by DEATH. We are very fortunate we live in communities in Canada and the US where, for the most part, Gay & Lesbians are treated with respect and dignity, but in other parts of the world they are not. To have a safe space for an individual to go to and find like minded people to give that person the support and encouragement is so valuable. Have you ever been bullied, teased, called names, felt alone and had no one to turn to? If you have then you know what I mean, if you haven’t then you are within a very fortunate small minority. How incredible is it going to be to help just one athlete or coach to be their very best and let them know that they have a support network behind them – perhaps for the first time in their life. Now, that is something to be proud of.

    Also, just to clarify: PRIDE House is a VENUE and not a place of accommodation. It is a lounge space used during the day for people to gather and watch the games, trade pins, hang out – much like the various National Pavilions like German House, Canada House where visitors can learn more about the destination, the national athletes, etc.


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