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  • scribe

    [email protected]B: guess I should write her a check… Really happy about this and hope it forces the senate to at least cast a up or down vote.

  • Joe

    It won’t even get voted on in the senate.
    Obama is not behind the repeal.

    He needs it to fail so he can dangle a carrot in the faces of our community so we can finance another term for him.

    But, smart people are waking up.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Nancy Pelosi is amazing, and really needs to be Speaker again soon.

  • whatever

    @Joe: You sound really, really stupid. No offense.

  • reason

    Repeal is coming, and all the naysayers will be exposed as nothing more then hateful imbeciles. Joe seems so desperate for this to fail, must be an associated with GetEqual. The cause of Matlovich’s life is coming to an end, Choi’s route to exploit the GBLT community is about to be over (no surprise he ends up in the hospital).

  • Cam


    LOL!!! Lets see, Get Equal started by folks with other jobs and people like Choi who…when the repeal was struck down by a court immidiately tried to reenlist in the military…

    Lets compare those to the multiple 6 figure earning folks at HRC that are without incomes if gays get their rights…..but nice try.

  • Daez

    @Cam: He immediately tried to reenlist as part of yet another publicity stunt.

    Dan Choi will have to find another creative outlet for his angst and “integrity” because honestly after his recent well known stint in the psych ward, there is no way the military is going to take him back.

    Reid has already said that he feels there is to much business to get this brought up in the lame duck session. Even if it is brought up, they need 60 yes votes to pass it after the filibuster.

    Its still a big step that is passed the house (for the second time), but it still exactly where it was when it passed the house the first time (as an attachment).

  • reason

    @Cam: Anybody with a scant of judicial knowledge knew that the ruling would not last and they wouldn’t actually be able to get reenlisted. The case was doomed to head to the supreme court and nobody thought otherwise but pie in the sky idealist.

    @Daez: The bill will be brought up in the senate and Reid did not say there was to much much to do to bring it up. He actually said the exact opposite urging his colleagues to get this done immediately. Where do you get your info?

  • Brutus

    @Cam: I think it’s sad that you think there won’t be anything for LGBT organizations to do once DOMA and DADT are repealed and ENDA is enacted.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Of the 15 “Dems” that voted no on DADT repeal, only 6 will be returning to Congress next year. Good riddance to them.

    I suggest that Critz (Pittsburgh area), Ross (Texarkana, El Dorado), Mcintyre (Eastern NC), Boren (Eastern OK), Peterson (West MN, Morehead) all have some independent running against them in 2012 on the left.

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