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  • james_boston

    That’s actually a book case behind the huckster…I’m sure it was just a coincidence that it ended up looking like a cross. Riiiiiight!

    He is such a smarmy little evangelist this Huckabee…he gives off that same used-car-salesman sliminess that Bill Clinton gives off but since he’s a Republican, I’m sure the same Jesus freaks that hate Clinton will embrace his freak ass.

    Can someone get a movement to secede from the South going already? I can’t take sharing a government with these in-bred morons anymore!!

  • Amana Range

    Although I am not a Huckabee fan, over 80% of the US identifies as Christian. In a democracy majority often rules. He knows his audience. Merry Christmas.

  • Matt

    What’s wrong with saying Merry Christmas? If he was Jewish would people be offended if he wished a Happy Hanukkah.

  • ProfessorVP

    That bookcase-as-cross scam was pretty neat. This is cynicism at its purist. The Huckabee machine knows its base for what it is- religious rubes who neither know nor care about real issues. Could he win? Of course he could win!

  • Gregg

    What is wrong with saying Merry Christmas IN THIS CONTEXT is that he is basically using a political ad to further a religious message.

    If this was JUST a Merry Christmas ad, then fine, no problem. But including his website address, and tagging with the whole “I approve this message” thing makes the commercial NOT just a seasonal message, but a political ad. I would be offended by any candidate foisting his/her religious beliefs on the country like this. He is using CAMPAIGN funds to produce this ad. Yes, there is a big problem with this ad, and with this lunatic.

    And, Amana, yes, majority rules. But we do still have some semblance of separation of church and state right now. Majority doesn’t get to dictate the religion of the country. For now. Unless someone like this nutjob gets elected.

  • blah

    There’s nothing wrong with him wishing people a Merry Christmas. Geez, do we have to be so politically correct that it ruins all the fun for everyone? The man is a minister, so Christmas is kinda his thing. If he were a rabbi, I’m sure he would have wished everyone a Happy Hannakah.

    Since this whole attack on Christmas thing for the past several years, he’s likely trying to also gain support from the people who are sick of hearing “happy holidays” in Target. Just say Christmas already. If you make it a big deal, it will become a big deal. If you just take it for what it is, then it’s easier to dismiss stupid shit like this.

  • Amana Range

    Gregg, of course there is separation of church and state, but very few of us–if any–will be working Tuesday. The federal government is a government of the people and for the people. The government has always recognized Christmas and conducts no official business in recognition of Christmas. (I doubt any politician can dictate a religion when the states do not all agree on the ERA Amendment or that English should be the country’s official language.

    This country celebrates Christmas like it or not. Obama and Giuliani just put out there own Christmas ads with the imagery of Santa and a tree. So let’s see where this leads. Curious to see if Obama gets chided from his white liberal base because he acknowledged the Christmas Holiday.

  • 46n2

    Yes, he’s using a political ad to wish a Merry Christmas. What’s your point? ALL politicians mix up their religion, sexuality, and all other manners of personal beliefs into thier messages. How can you expect anyone with genuine religious beliefs to never talk about it and to not be influenced by it? It is impossible because it becomes a part of who the person is and molds their decision making. You could almost argue the same for an atheist. They are going to be inherently bias against religious people and make decisions based on their own personal views. And the whole cross thing is the stupidest thing I ever heard. I don’t want to hear about Mike Huckabees stupid Christmas message as some kind of ‘scandal’. I think all the questionable money funding the Clinton campaign is a bit more pressing.

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