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Hugh Hefner’s “bisexual AF” son reveals the wildest request he’s gotten on OnlyFans so far

Marston Hefner, who is tall and skinny with dark brown hair parted in the middle, stands shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror. He holds a gray iPhone up to capture the photo. A gray boxer waistband peeks out of his black pants.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas the Playboy Mansion anymore.

Marston Hefner –– the 33-year-old “bisexual AF” son of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner –– might be the heir to a sizable fortune, but he’s not above putting in hard work.

Especially when it comes to his profession of choice: OnlyFans.

ICYMI, Hefner made headlines earlier this year after launching a profile on the sexy site to share his “tasteful nudes” with the world.

However, “tasteful” might not be the right word… considering the filthy requests in his DMs. He shared the tea in a new interview with former Playboy stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

“One guy asked me to fart and another girl said she’d fart on my face,” Hefner revealed on their podcast Girls Next Level.


And while he admitted he’s into some “really weird things” himself and tried not to kink shame, Hefner was a little suspicious of the requests, considering his celebrity status.

“This one guy, I feel like was like a frat guy … Maybe [he] went onto OnlyFans and wanted [a] Marston Hefner farting video for his friends,” he explained.

Boys will be boys!

Stinky solicitations aside, Hefner was not shy about his love for the platform and his audience.

“People [on OnlyFans] are like immediately receptive, interesting, encouraging, affirming, kind,” he said. “It feels good, it feels healthy to have that energy.”

The hefty paydays probably don’t hurt either.

In fact, Hefner has been using his OnlyFans checks to help bankroll his growing Pokémon card collection. (Yes, you read that correctly. Gaymers, assemble!)

According to Page Six, he dropped $100,000 of his earnings on two rare cards and a comic book in September.

Unsurprisingly, his wife, Anna Lambropoulos, was less than enthused by his choice. “It kind of made me die inside,” she told the outlet. “I think it’s frivolous to spend money that way.”

That being said, Lambropoulos (who gave birth to their first child in July) is supportive of Hefner’s risqué line of work, which she says helps normalize nudity and encourage support for “all different kinds of [sexualities] and orientations.”

“He’s got his own unique body type, and he’s comfortable showing it,” she explained. “I think those are all really great messages that Marston is promoting through doing OnlyFans.”

As the son of one of the most infamous womanizers, Marston admitted he struggled as a younger man to escape his father’s shadow.

“I did feel pressure to be a playboy,” he told Madison and Marquardt. “Even if I wasn’t thinking about it, it’s like there was a part of me that’s like ‘More sex equals more awesome person,’ which was not a healthy way to go about [it].”

Hefner, who considers himself “naturally provocative,” also had to overcome the stigma of sex work, especially when it came to his family who said it wasn’t an “acceptable” line of work.

“You can be the CEO of the people getting naked, but don’t be the person getting naked,” he told The Messenger.

“It’s f*cking bullsh*t. That upsets me, because I don’t think that’s right, the stigma of sex workers. You can pay sex workers but you can’t f*cking be one?”

It’s not all bad though, and Hefner is certainly enjoying the media interest.

“In my 20s, whenever I did social media or whenever I did art, nobody really gave a crap,” he told The Messenger. “But because I’m Hugh Hefner’s son and because I did OnlyFans, now I have an immediate platform and, like, a built-in audience.”

He’s also hoping to show the world that dads can –– and should –– get their rocks off, too.

“People get upset that I’m a sex worker and a dad, which is like, I guess porn stars and people who pose nude can’t be parents,” he told Page Six. “So [parents] can watch sex workers and masturbate to them, but you’re not allowed to be one and be a parent? It doesn’t make sense.”

We’ve got to side with Marston here –– let daddies be daddies! In all senses of the word.

Check out more of Hefner’s workplace-appropriate pics from Instagram below.

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