Icons: Greta Garbo Gives Good (adhesive) Face

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo never did like attention. For the last fifty years of her life, she refused to make any films and shunned most of public life. She never married but seemed to make time for a series of purported romances with a slew of ladies, including bi socialite Mercedes de Acosta. I wonder who wore the beret in that relationship.

This month marks the centennial of Garbo’s birth and the gorgeous Ninotchka is getting the attention her birthday deserves. Turner Classic Movies is showing her movies all month long as well as premiering a new documentary which takes us inside the diva’s East Side pad. Even though she retired at 36, the bitch didn’t skimp and decorated with “paintings and exquisite antiques.”

Other new loot includes a coffee table book and Warner’s compilation of her best films on DVD, including Grand Hotel and Anna Karenina.

Also this month the US Post Office, as they’ve done with Marilyn and Jimmy Dean, will issue Garbo her very own stamp. For someone who wanted to be “left alone” all her life, people will now be licking her ass for years to come.