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If You Accidentally Started Believing America Is Hating On Gays More, You’re Forgiven

With all the bullying — from kids and university professors and religious leaders and state officials and Carl Paladino and local residents — in recent weeks, “it has been easy to forget that Americans are becoming more accepting of gays and lesbians and of their rights to equal citizenship,” notes The New Yorker. And even though not a single state in America has a measure to ban same-sex marriage on the ballot next month (the first time in a decade), “the divisive issue is roiling races across the country during a time of tumult for the gay rights movement,” notes the AP. Because normal, sensible people rarely make headlines, while extremists own the news cycle.

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  • Michael W.

    And notice how it’s all Democratic candidates fighting for our civil rights, with Republican candidates in opposition. Those damn dirty Dem bigots!

    There’s also more actual gay and lesbian candidates on the ballot than ever before. And what do you know, they’re all Democrats!

  • Sapphocrat

    There’s a reason “not a single state in America has a measure to ban same-sex marriage on the ballot next month”: Save for NM & RI, there aren’t any more states left to enshrine anti-gay marriage bans in their constitutions:


  • SoylentDiva

    In which state could they possibly have a ballot measure to ban same sex marriage this year? Trust me, they would if they could. The lack of one has nothing to do with shifting attitudes or anything this useless presidential administration has done.

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