Iowa is For Britney Lovers

britney bridal

Britney Spears entered Iowa state politics the other day when Gov. Tom Vilsack used her as an example in the gay marriage debate. Just in case Brits is reading this, Iowa is a state in the center of our country.

Gov. Tom Vilsack, expressing support for civil unions for committed gay couples, drew a pointed contrast Tuesday with the quickie marriage of pop star Britney Spears two years ago.
“I do think that we as a state ought to honor commitments, and we ought to reflect that in policies that we have,” Vilsack said. “I personally don’t think that it is fair . . . for Britney Spears, who was married for 51 hours to some guy in Las Vegas (for) that guy (to have) more rights than someone who’s been committed to another person for 25 years.”

While Vilsac doesn’t support full equality yet, we have to take issue with his assertion that Britney doesn’t believe in long-term commitment. Look at her relationship with K-Fed. That’s gonna’ last forever.

Vilsack cites pop star’s haste in backing of gay unions
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